Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Til Tomorrow...

The kids come home tomorrow! Yay! Happy dancing!

I have a trunk show at the BellaRosa all day and then I pick the kids up at 6pm tomorrow, hooray! I miss them so very much. It did get better after that first week, though. The past 4-5 days or so have really sped by thankfully. I can't wait to get back in the swing of things. They go again for another two weeks soon though, so that will have to wait a bit. I know they are having fun and all, which helps, but still.... It is hard. I hope the next two weeks are easier.

And Riley got his hair cut while he was gone, sigh. Ex's girlfriend told me she was tired of the Ringo look. Last time it was that she was tired of the John Lennon look.

I wonder what she has against the Beatles?


I love homeschooling. I know we aren't doing much yet, because of the age and everything. But I absolutely LOVE being a passenger on their ride of learning. I can't wait to see all the roads we will travel with life learning.

I want to get the book "Guerrilla Learning" (Is that it? I saw it at B&N was Guerrilla something or other...Off to search) It looked promising. All about no matter where you learn, school, home, outer space, preserving that SELF directed learning that we are all born with. Seems like at least, I need to read it.

I did buy a neat little book of Mandala coloring pages. It came with colored pencils and a booklet on the origin of Mandalas for psychotherapy purposes and meditation. It's pretty cool.

Off to do something productive now, like brush my teeth maybe???

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Missing the babes...

The kids are at Adam's house for a couple weeks. They left last wednesday, called me friday and saturday, and I haven't talked to them since. I tried to call yesterday but Adam said they weren't with him right then. They never called back that night. Boo hoo.
Which means I have been filling up my time with stuff for a week now, and I am beat! I have gone out almost every night, worked alot, watched entirely too much Alias, and generally worn myself into mush. Last night I got home and my lovely hubby had put a pint glass and beer in the freezer awaiting my arrival from work. We had planned on going out to Fox and the Hound and meet some friends, but that one beer at the end of a long week just wiped me out! I was crying about the kids in no time and sufficed to say, we didn't go out. So guess what I did??

Watched more Alias.
Seriously? That show is like crack, it is so damn addictive. Now I only have one episode left on the dvd I have, then I will have to (gulp) WAIT for the next season to arrive in the fucking mail. Like 2 or 3 days even! (Sadly, this is only halfway tongue in cheek. Jason told Kerry and Jared that I missed work to watch Alias. Which isn't true, but close enough.)

Well, now that I have entirely embarrassed myself...

Crap, I almost am missing work to blog. I must go! Ta!