Saturday, March 17, 2007

What? I *don't* keep up with blogs???

Yeah. I told you. I don't blog. Thbbt.

Well, every 8-10 months seems to be the going rate. Ah well.
What's new?

I am knitting obsessed. Seriously. I have had something OTN (that's on the needles for those just a tad less nerdy than I) consistently for about 7 months now. I made most of our Xmas gifts. I have knit things for the kids, friends, bosses, family members, random strangers.....

At least it's cheaper than alot of hobbies (well, can be. My yarn store *wishes* I had more money to spend), and safer than crack. Not a whole lot less addictive tho.

this week I have made several washcloths and started a lace shawl, all for my mama's birthday this month. I don't know if I will get the shawl done in time though. That stuff takes more concentration than my 8.5 months pregnant/ crawling with children all the time body can usually get. It's gorgeous though. From Interweave knits, Fall 06. Meh, just tried to find a picture and I can't. So there. Use your imagination.

Well, dd just woke up and came out here and said "I was about to go to your room to snuggle with you" So I am going to stop typing here and snuggle with her. Now she is grinning. Because I just read this to her. Now she is laughing.

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